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Romanian Film Nights in Rotterdam: premiere in Nederland Nae Caranfil’s “6.9 on the Richter Scale”

“6.9 on the Richter Scale”

Date: June 21, 19.00 h (open from 18.30)

Location: Goethe Institute Rotterdam, Westersingel 9 (3 min. walk from the CS Rdam)

Tickets: 7€ , Please reserve your ticket via info@carmensylva.nl


Who doesn’t love the films of Nae Caranfil? A director combining the best of the two sides of filmmaking, Caranfil is an established  Romanian author that makes films loved by the  audience and appreciated  by the critics. Something not very easy to accomplish.

“6.9 on the Richter Scale” is his most recent film and we are  excited to be able to screen it in premiere in The Netherlands.

It  is the story of a humble Romanian actor in his 40’s, hardly surviving  between a complicated part in a musical show, a depressed wife, and the  obsession of an imminent, devastating earthquake. On top of everything,  he also becomes the victim of his manipulative father.

But don’t let yourselves be fooled by the dramatic description, this is a full-fledged comedy!

Nae  Caranfil made his feature film debut “E Pericoloso Sporgersi” in 1993  and returned in 1996 with “Asfalt Tango”, a road movie comedy starring  none other then international diva Charlotte Rampling.

His  biggest critical and box office success was brought by the movie  “Filantropica”, the story of a poor school teacher played by Mircea  Diaconu who falls in love with a captivating, but materialistic young  beautiful woman. The movie became a cult film of the early 2000’s and to  this day it is one of the most referred to Romanian comedy’s.


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