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Romanian film nights 2018 – Berlinale Highlights Rotterdam – “If I Want To Whistle, I Whistle




Berlinale Highlights in Rotterdam is a EUNIC project in cooperation with: Romanian Cultural Centre Rotterdam, Alliance Française Rotterdam, Goethe Institute, Tsjechisch Centrum.


Tuesday  20 februari 2018


18.45 h - We Are Never Alon” CZ 2016, 115 min., regie: Petr Václav,  Tsjechisch met Engelse ondertiteling

A bleak, feel-bad drama barely leavened by the caustic, dark and sometimes absurd humor. A peek into quietly desperate live in a village, where the prison and the brothel are the only “attractions”. Winner of the Tagesspiegel Readers’ Jury Award in 2016.


21.00 h -  Victoria
D 2014/2015, 140 min., regie: Sebastian Schipper, Duits met Engelse ondertiteling

Victoria pulls viewers into a unique adventure. In a single take, a group of would-be tough guys and a young Spanish woman wind their way through a long Berlin night. At the Berlinale 2015, Victoria received a Silver Bear for Sturla Brandth Grøvlen’s cinematography, the Berliner Morgenpost Readers’ Jury Award and the German Art House Cinema Guild Award.


Tuesday  27 februari 2018


19.00 h –  If I Want To Whistle, I Whistle : RO 2010, 94 min., regie: Florin Serban, Roemeens met Engelse ondertiteling

Silviu has only 5 days left before his release from the juvenile detention centre. But 5 days become an eternity when his mother returns from a long absence to take his younger brother away. A brother whom he raised like a son. Moreover, he has fallen in love with a beautiful social worker. With time running out and his emotions boiling over, Silviu closes his eyes. Freedom, the wind, the road, his first kiss. Anything can happen now… The film won the Silver Bear Award and the Alfred Bauer Award at the Berlinale 2010.


21.00 h Mama Colonel :  CD/F 2017, 72 min., regie: Hamadi Dieudo, Frans met Engelse ondertiteling

Colonel Honorine Munyole is the leader of a special police unit tasked with protecting women and children in regions ravaged by war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. After being transferred to a new city 650 kilometres away, Mama Colonel must face new barriers with courage and resilience in order to continue the essential work of protecting vulnerable women and children in the city of Kisangani. Using Mama Colonel as the driving force behind the film, award-winning documentary filmmaker, Dieudo Hamadi, uses the figure of this formidable woman to explore how women are treated in Congolese society. The film won the Forum Jury Award and the Tagesspiegel Readers’ Jury Award at the Berlinale 2017.

Enkele kaart 9,50 €
(1,50 € korting voor leden Alliance Française, Carmen Sylva Foundation/Romanian Cultural Centre, Goethe-Institut en Tsjechisch Centrum)
Dagkaart 15 €
Enkele kaarten en dagkaarten zijn online te koop via www.lantarenvenster.nl
Passepartout voor alle films 26 € (alleen te koop bij de kassa)



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